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Unique Features of the MALS Program

  1. Simplified Application Process: MALS offers an uncomplicated application process that can be completed in a few weeks’ time.
  2. Year-round admission: The program admits students on a rolling basis. However, students are strongly encouraged to begin in the Autumn Quarter in order to take advantage of the MALS gateway course, MLS 401: Visions of the Self.
  3. Convenient class times: Classes meet in the evening once each week and are available on both DePaul’s Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses.
  4. Tuition scholarships: Partial tuition scholarships are available for qualified students.
  5. Web registration.
  6. Personal advising at every stage, from admission to graduation.
  7. Workshops that assist returning students with graduate level writing and library research.
  8. Parking facilities close to classrooms.
  9. Faculty who are selected by the director for their excellence in teaching and their interest in adult learners.
  10. Small classes, especially in the MALS core courses, to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas.