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Membership in AGLSP

DePaul’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program is a long-standing member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs​ (AGLSP).

The AGLSP is an international organization of more than 110 institutional members that share a common interest in graduate level liberal education primarily serving adult, part-time learners. The AGLSP, founded in 1975, represents a broad selection of American higher education from small liberal art colleges to large, research oriented universities in the public and private sectors. The AGLSP is the only organization devoted exclusively to representing the interests of master’s programs in the liberal arts directed to adult, part-time students.

The AGL​SP sponsors Confluence, a journal of graduate liberal studies. Student and faculty involved in the MALS program are welcome to submit academic writing, creative pieces, and essays about teaching and learning in the MALS program.​