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Malinda Tran


  • ​BA, Gallaudet University, 2008 (Family and Child Studies)
  • MA, Gallaudet University, 2019 (Sign Language in Education) ​

Courses Taught

  • ​​American Sign Language 1 (Signing Naturally Unit 1-6)
  • American Sign Language 2 (Signing Naturally Unit 7-12)
  • American Sign Language 3 (Signing Naturally Unit 13 - 17)
  • American Sign Language 4 (Signing Naturally Unit 18- 25)
  • American Sign Language Labs (1,2,3,4, Advanced ASL & Interpreting Techniques)
  • Introduction to Deaf Culture 101



My name is Malinda Tran. I’m from Chicago, Illinois.  As you know, life can go by quickly, but sometimes you need to STOP and smell the roses.  One of the best places for me to stop and smell the roses is at the park where I enjoy swinging, taking time for myself to reflect and meditate.  As I was growing up, I went to a mainstream school where I learned “SEE” also known as “Signed Exact English.”  I went to high school at Illinois School for the Deaf, learned ASL, and went to college at Gallaudet University.  There I received my Bachelor of Arts and focused on Family and Children Studies with a minor in Spanish.  

As I continued my life’s journey, I was given the volunteer opportunity to teach Deaf immigrants.  I was able to teach them to understand and write English, as well as ASL- that was enjoyable for me!  Later on in my journey, I was lead to another teaching opportunity at a college where I became a Master Tutor for the ASL lab classes.  It was WONDERFUL to see students eager to learn and asking so many great and inspiring questions.  Even after that, I was determined to learn more.  I continued my own education to get my Master of Arts degree in Sign Language Education.  Now that I’ve received my degree, I still REFUSE [NO!] to stop learning and educating myself.  I have even higher goals to attain and  more skills to learn.  I want to become a Certified Deaf Interpreter.  As they say, learning is… FOREVER.​  ​​​​