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Yu-fu Chien

​​Professor Chien obtained his Ph.D. in Linguistics at the University of Kansas.  He has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University since 2016.  His research interests include phonetics, spoken word recognition, and Chinese dialects.  His primary research examines tonal alternations.  He has conducted production, psycholinguistic, and neurolinguistic experiments to investigate how speakers process tonal alternations.  Additionally, he is involved in second language acquisition studies in English word-level stress processing by Mandarin speaking L2 learners of English.  Professor Chien is the 2019-2021 Fudan Visiting Professor at DePaul University.  At DePaul, he teaches the 3rd-year advanced Chinese sequence, Chinese linguistics and Chinese dialects-related courses to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students.​