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Sandra Benedet

Dr. Sandra Benedet is a transplanted Californian of Mexican and Spanish descent.  As a Latin American generalist, she has taught a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Beginning Spanish to specialized courses on Mexican literature and culture.  Pedagogy is important to Dr. Benedet and in her classes, she demystifies intellectual work by teaching the skills required for the acquisition of knowledge in her field.

Dr. Benedet’s specialization is the Mexican Avant-Garde of the 1920’s and she has published on that subject in La Revista de La Universidad Veracruzana and La Revista Iberoamericana.  Additionally, she has written and published articles on such varied subjects as Gloria Anzaldúa, Juan Rulfo, pedagogy, and the Spanish Civil War.

Currently Dr. Benedet is working on giving historical and cultural context to a recently discovered interview with Germán List Arzubide, comedian and social-activist of the Mexican Estridentista Movement.

In her free time, Dr. Benedet enjoys practicing yoga, walking/hiking, and traveling.