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Sara Stefanich


  • ​B.A. Spanish, Miami University (Ohio). 2011.
  • M.A. Hispanic Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago. 2014.
  • PhD. Hispanic Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago. 2019.

Teaching & Research Interests

Sara Stefanich received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics with a concentration in Second Language Teaching from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2019.  Before teaching at DePaul, Sara served as a coordinator and language instructor for the Spanish Basic Language Program at UIC where she taught beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish language courses.  Her research interests include bilingualism and second language acquisition/pedagogy, with a focus on Spanish/English codeswitching in the U.S., Spanish phonology and phonetics and methodological considerations in bilingualism research.  Before moving to the Chicago area, Sara spent a year in the Basque region of Spain, teaching English through the Auxiliares de Conversación program.  In the classroom, Sara uses her background as a researcher on bilingualism to emulate authentic experiences from which students overcome their fear of speaking Spanish and feel confident taking their Spanish-language skills into the real world.  ​


  • Stefanich, S., Cabrelli Amaro, J., Hilderman, D., Archibald, J. (2019). The Morphophonology of intraword codeswitching: Representation & processing. Frontiers in Communication Research. 4:54 doi: 10.3389/fcomm.2019.00054
  • Solis, C., & Stefanich, S.* (2019). Measuring language dominance in early Spanish/English bilinguals. Languages 4(3): 62 doi:10.3390/languages4030062.
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  • Badiola, L., Delgado, R., Sande, S., & Stefanich, S.* (2017). Code-switching attitudes and their effects on acceptability judgement tasks. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 8, 5-24.
*Authorship is alphabetical