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Admission Requirements

A student will be recommended to the graduate school for admission to doctoral candidacy when he or she has:

1. Completed the residency requirement.

2. Completed all course requirements (excluding PHL 699: Dissertation Research) and the 
    submission of required research papers (which shall count as fulfilling the University's 
    qualifying examination requirement).

3. Completed the foreign language requirement.

4. Submitted a dissertation proposal (8-10 pages in length, including critical bibliography).

5. Successfully defended the dissertation proposal during a public oral defense before the dissertation committee.

The dissertation committee will consist of minimally three members, including a director (who must be a permanent full-time member of the department) and two readers, both of whom must be DePaul philosophy department members.  Other members of DePaul faculties, or philosophers and scholars from outside the University, whose expertise is pertinent to the topic of the dissertation may serve as fourth readers upon the consent of the dissertation director and the director of graduate studies.

Candidacy Continuation: Candidacy Continuation (PHL 701) is required each quarter of the regular academic year between admission to candidacy and graduation.  Dissertation Research (PHL 699) shall also count toward meeting this requirement.

Dissertation:  completion of the doctoral dissertation, ordinarily of 200-275 pages including scholarly apparatus, and a public defense of this work before the dissertation committee.  Submission of a dissertation abstract of up to 350 words and filing of the completed final version of the dissertation with the Graduate Division by the required date prior to graduation.

Time Limitations:  between admission to the doctoral program and admission to doctoral candidacy not more than four years; between admission to candidacy and the dissertation defense, not less than eight months, and not more than five years.