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Alumni Spotlight

​​​​​​Preeya Waite 

Current Job Title: Research Project Coordinator​​ Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine​

Preeya Waite
MPH Alumni: Preeya Waite, MPH 2021
Can you tell us about your MPH experience at DePaul? 

"The MPH program prepared me for my career by exposing me to a variety of public health concepts and practices.  What was most beneficial for me as a social epidemiology student was learning about qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as utilizing data analysis techniques.  I make use of these skills regularly in my current role.  Additionally, as students, we were constantly given the opportunity to network with public health professionals, present our work in class or at conferences, and collaborate with other students - all of which are key skills to have in the workforce.

In addition, I really appreciated the Practicum experience.  This allowed me the opportunity to move beyond the classroom and theoretical situations, and work within a public health organization to explore the practical applications of my learning.  I gained so much knowledge throughout that experience alone and made several connections with other public health professionals in Chicago."​