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William Sampson

  • Professor and Chair
  • PhD

  • Public Policy Studies
  • Faculty
  • ​​​​​Educational Policy, Race, Housing, Poverty​

  • 773.325.7335
  • 990 West Fullerton Avenue, Room 104

William Alfred Sampson earned his BA in Sociology from Howard University in 1968.

He then completed an MA in Urban Affairs from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 1973 he was awarded the PhD in Sociology from Johns Hopkins University. He was an Assistant, and then Associate Professor at Northwestern University for 17 years. He served as President of Chicago United, a major non-profit organization founded by Chicago’s business elite to address issues surrounding race and poverty. He has been at DePaul since 1997, and a Full Professor since 2006.

His research interests include: the variables that impact student academic performance with an emphasis upon race and class; and the role of race and class in the housing market. His books include: Black and Brown: Race, Ethnicity, and School Preparation; Race, Class, and Family Intervention; Poor Latino Families and School Preparation; and Narrowing the Achievement Gap. A new book, Chicago Charter Schools: The Hype and The Reality, was published in the Spring of 2016.

Professor Sampson has served on the Faculty Council, and was twice elected to the University Promotion and Tenure Board. He is currently the Chair of the Public Policy Studies Department.