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Mentoring Network

The Public Policy Studies (PPS) Department would like to invite all alumni to stay involved with your university and continue to live DePaul’s unique values-based educational mission by sharing your knowledge, skill and success with current public policy students.

To join the PPS Mentor Network and make a difference in someone’s life, please complete and return the alumni questionnaire to

Participate with your community and discover the personal and professional rewards as you continue the lifelong journey of learning.  If you are interested in being matched with a student, please return the questionnaire via email or in the post office. If we have enough mentors, we would like to assign all new students a mentor as they enter the program. Remember you do not have to be in the Chicago region to help as a mentor.

Become a Mentor! Share your Knowledge! Give Back to PPS Students!

Contact Nancy Leifker for more information.

The PPS Department has started a new alumni program called The PPS Mentoring Network which pairs up PPS alumni mentors with current PPS students. As a mentor, you can provide career guidance to a current PPS student. You can teach the value of networking, share your professional experiences and your insight.

Mentoring is easy, you can mentor via e-mail, phone or in person. You can invite the student to spend some time with you at your office to learn more about your job and the day-to-day of your work. If you are not within the Chicago region, you can still serve as a mentor via communication with the PPS student through e-mail or telephone.