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Major Requirements

Course Requirements​


PPS 331


The purpose of this course is to provide students with a historical background on environmental justice (EJ) in the US and an understanding of the current EJ movement. Policy debates surrounding EJ are highlighted from recent studies on determining 'disproportionate impact' to local EJ communities. In addition, students will experience the challenges of EJ organizations in Chicago through the service-based leaning component of the course. Twenty-five hours of service learning is required for completion of this course.

PPS 393


This course is designed to bring together much of the knowledge attained by Public Policy students during their four years at DePaul by focusing on the often contentious issues of urban gentrification and re-gentrification. Gentrification involves economic issues, political issues, environmental issues, educational issues, race and ethnicity, and equity issues as well. The course shall examine the variables associated with the process of gentrification, the advantages and disadvantages of that process, the winners and the losers in the process, and the political and economic implications of all of this.
PPS 204 and status as a Public Policy Studies major with Senior standing are a prerequisite for this class.

GEO 241


An introductory-level course covering the fundamentals of GIS. Topics include GPS, remote sensing, data models (vector and raster), coordinate systems, and map design. Instruction is accomplished through lectures and hands-on computer lab exercises using ArcGIS.
LSP 120 or HON 180 or (MAT 130 or above) is a prerequisite for this class.

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