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James Halstead

James Halstead, OSA, accepted appointment to the faculty in Fall, 1988. In his thirty years at DePaul, Fr. Halstead has developed and taught a wide variety of courses: “Religious Worlds in Comparative Perspective,” introductory courses in Christianity, Catholicism, the New Testament, and ethical theory, courses on sexuality and sexual ethics, computer ethics, marriage, and death & afterlife. He has also taught an advanced course on St. Augustine as well as the departmental Capstone/Integrating Seminar. In the First Year Program he has taught Discover Chicago and Focal Point Seminars on Mozart’s opera, “The Marriage of Figaro” as well as on religious liberty in the age of President Trump. Together with faculty colleagues, Fr. Halstead has led Study Aboard courses in Greece, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Fr. Halstead was the founding Director of the Program in Catholic Studies and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies for twelve years. In addition to his work at DePaul, Fr. Halstead has lectured and published on matters of Catholic theology and issues in higher education nationally and internationally. He has served as trustee on several boards including those of DePaul’s Institute for Church-State Studies, the Chicago Academy for the Arts, the Interfaith Youth Core, the Catholic Theological Union and Villanova University. He has been honored with the John Courtney Murray, Distinguished Honors Professor, Spirit of DePaul and Excellence in Teaching awards. Fr. Halstead holds doctorates in religious studies and moral theology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Louvain), Belgium. He is a Roman Catholic priest and a member of the Order of Saint Augustine.

Research Interests
- Christian Ethics
- Fundamental Moral Theory
- Phenomenology of Religion

Courses Frequently Taught
- CTH 246​/ REL 201​ "Religion and Ethics I: Western Christian Ethics"
- HON 104​ "Religious Worldviews and Ethical Perspectives"
- REL 103​ "Religious Worlds in Comparative Perspective"
- REL 222​ "Contemporary Moral Issues"