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Adrienne M. Holloway

Dr. Adrienne M. Holloway received her PhD from Northern Illinois University, her Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College, City University of New York and her BS in Psychology from Fordham University. She is an accomplished professional with over 10 years experience in the housing, and community development industries and 7 years of experience in academia teaching undergraduate and graduate public administration, public policy and political science courses. Her research interests include social welfare policy with a focus on housing policy; community development and regional policy; poverty studies and nonprofit management.

In addition to her experience in academia, Dr. Holloway has demonstrated success in developing, implementing and managing large scale multi-year housing projects for both nonprofit and public sectors agencies. For example her nonprofit clients have capitalized on her capacity building, project development and project management consultative expertise enabling new Community Housing Development Organizations to secure development financing and build low income single-family and multi-family housing. Dr. Holloway also has experience developing HOPE VI applications and in managing community and supportive service programmatic components of a HOPE VI program. Finally, she is verse in designing and applying quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to evaluative and organizational analyses and is competent in presenting empirical findings to various audiences including community residents, corporate stakeholders and academicians.