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Krista Johnsen

Krista Johnsen (Mikos) earned her Masters of Environmental Science from the University of Michigan with an emphasis on Advocacy and Public Policy and her BA from Vassar College. In addition to teaching at DePaul, Krista is a performance/career coach and the owner of LifeStream Coaching.  She served eight years at the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology as an Environmental Projects Manager and as a Senior Standards Specialist.  During this time, she led U.S. delegations at international standards (ISO) negotiations; she managed multi-million dollar projects to help U.S. manufacturers move toward cleaner production; and she worked on policy development at the national level with regard to technical standards, including a stint at the White House's Office of Management and Budget during the Clinton Administration. 

As an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation German Chancellor Fellow, Krista examined trans-Atlantic technical standards creation policy. She has lectured on ISO 14000 and its implementation at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering's Center for Professional Development, the U.S. War College, and numerous other venues.  Krista was hired by the World Resources Institute to be a consultant on Cleaner Production in Santiago Chile. 

Prior to her employment with the Federal Government, Krista worked for Greenpeace, taught test prep classes for the Princeton Review and was an Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at Vassar College.  In addition to her Humboldt Fellowship, Krista won the Federal Government's Pioneer Award for an online standards position resource center, NIST's Uriano Award for Leadership and Performance Improvement in Energy and Environment Services and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group's Excellence in Standards Award for ISO 14050.  Krista is fluent in German, has lived abroad for five years, has traveled to 36 countries, and has served on the board of several non-profit organizations.

Her areas of interest include Advocacy, Environmental Policy, Technical Standards Policy, Sustainability, Personal Development, and Voluntary Simplicity.  She has taught Advocacy and Public Policy, SPS 546, at DePaul.