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Lisa Saye

Dr. Saye, Associate Teaching Professor at DePaul's School of Public Service, teaches graduate courses on Applied Statistics for Public Service, Research Methods for Public Service and Policy Design and Analysis. She has extensive international experience conducting country program evaluations and policy design and implementation.

She served as Fulbright Specialist in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and as International Consultant for the United Nations Development Program in The Maldives. In April, she attended the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Peace-Building and Sustaining Peace as an Observer. Dr. Saye earned her Master’s in Human Resource Management from Troy University and her Doctorate in Public Administration from The University of Alabama.

In addition to several journal publications, Dr. Saye writes a monthly column for PA Times, the online newspaper for the American Society for Public Administration. Since 2017, she has served as a Fulbright Specialist Peer Reviewer. She has worked on analyzing and developing projects and initiatives related to gender studies, strategic planning, personnel management, institutional stability and conflict resolution in Haiti, Kenya, China, Uganda, Rwanda, India, South Africa, Nepal, Thailand and others.​