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Registration Instructions

​Intent to Enroll

Once accepted into the School of Public Service, students must submit the Intent to Enroll form.  This form will notify the program and the Office of Graduate Admission that the student accepts their admission to the school.  This form will also matriculate a student into the system allowing him/her to register for courses.  Newly admitted students should receive notification about this from the Office Graduate Admission upon admission to the school via email.

Registration Eligibility

To register for each term students are assigned a specific day and time for when they are eligible to register for courses.  You can check your enrollment date on Campus Connect

Steps for Successful Registration

The schedule of classes will be available several weeks prior to when students can begin registering for classes.  Before a student's enrollment time, he/she can look through the list of courses and add classes to their course cart.  Once courses are in the course cart, click the validate button to check for pre-requisites or holds.  If you have questions about a hold or error message received, contact your academic advisor.  If a student receives an error message, then the error must be resolved in order to be able to register.  On registration day, students can then choose some or all of the classes in their course cart and then enroll. 

  1. Navigate to Campus Connect
  2. Click on Student Center tab
  3. Search for classes. Be sure to select the appropriate term, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Public Service (subject
  4. Add classes to the course cart to validate and later enroll
  5. On or after the enrollment date arrives, go into the course cart and enroll in some or all of the classes
First Quarter in SPS

First quarter part time students will register for MPS 500 Introduction to Public Service Management. All students must take MPS 500 first. As defined for financial aid calculations one 4 credit hour course is considered part time.

First quarter full time students will register for MPS 500 and MPS 501 Cross Sector AnalysisNote: students in the International Public Service (IPS) program should register for MPS 500 and MPS 510 International Dimensions of Public Service (fall and spring quarters only!).  As defined for financial aid calculations two 4 credit hour courses (total of 8 credit hours) is considered full time.​