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Faculty Publications


Community Health Equity: A Chicago Reader
Edited by Fernando De Maio, Raj C. Shah, John Mazzeo and David A. Ansell
Published by University of Chicago Press


Latin American Perspectives on the Sociology of Health and Illness
Edited by Fernando De Maio, Ignacio Llovet and Graciela Dinardi
Published by Routledge


Written by John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch and Marc Lamont Hill
Published by University of Toronto Press


Neoliberal Chicago
Edited by Larry Bennett, Roberta Garner, and Euan Hague
Published by University of Illinois Press


Economic Development in American Cities: The Pursuit of an Equity Agenda
Edited by Michael Bennett and Robert P. Giloth
Published by SUNY Press


Social Theory: Continuity and Confrontation
Edited by Roberta Garner & Black Hawk Hancock
Published by University of Toronto Press


Rethinking Contemporary Social Theory
Written by Roberta Garner, Black Hawk Hancock, and Grace Budrys
Published by Routledge


Doing Qualitative Research: Designs, Methods, and Techniques
Written by Greg Scott & Roberta Garner
Published by Pearson

Black Hawk Hancock (2018) Michel Foucault and the Problematics of Power: Revisiting the Critique of Medicalization. The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 43(4): 439-468.

Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock (2018) Reintegrating Theories, Methods, and Historical Analysis in Teaching Sociology. The American Sociologist, 49: 369-391.

Black Hawk Hancock and Daniel R. Morrison (2018) The Ethnographer's Circle: Institutionalizing Ethnography in the Pacific Sociological Association. Sociological Perspectives, 61(2): 195-206.

Howard E. Aldrich and Martha A. Martinez (2014) Why Aren't Entrepreneurs More Creative? Conditions Affecting Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurial Activity. The Oxford Handbook of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. 445-456

Martha A. Martinez and Howard E. Aldrich (2011) Networking Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Managing Cohesion and Diversity, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, 17(1): 7-38.

Traci Schlesinger (2018) Decriminalizing Racialized Youth through Juvenile Diversion​Future of Children, 28(2): 59-82.

Traci Schlesinger (2015) Attenuating Disparities through Four Areas of Change: Universal Release, Reimagined Policing, Eliminated Prior Records, and Funded Public Defenders. Criminology & Public Policy, 14(2): 233-246.

Traci Schlesinger (2013) Racial Disparities in Pretrial Diversions: An Analysis of Outcomes among Men Charged with Felonies and Processed in State Courts. Race & Justice, 3(3): 210-238.

Deena Weinstein (2014) Just So Stories: How Heavy Metal Got Its Name A Cautionary Tale. Rock Music Studies 1(1): 36-51.

Deena Weinstein (2013) Music in American Life: An Encyclopedia of the Songs,Styles, Stars and Stories That Shaped Our Culture. 161-164.

Deena Weinstein (2013) Pop Pagans: Paganism and Popular Music. 58-76.​​