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Law, Crime and Criminology

This concentration spans topics of criminalization, the legal system, and criminal justice systems, paying particular attention to the way these affect marginalized segments of the population and work to maintain interlocking systems of oppression.  Students in this concentration will learn about the cultural and structural forces that work to define deviance, inform the construction and interpretation of the law, and delimit the experiences of people affected by the criminal justice system.  This concentration prepares students for careers in law, non-profit social justice work, social work, or youth services.  We strongly suggest that students in this concentration take SOC 220 THEORIES OF CRIME AND DELINQUENCY.  In addition to the core sociology course requirements, students will complete eight additional courses from the concentration list below:

Course Requirements

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree

Students with a Law, Crime and Criminology concentration will have the following three courses substituted for three 400-level courses, which will count toward both undergraduate and graduate degree programs:

  •     Two 300 level electives in Sociology
  •     One additional 200 or 300 level elective in Sociology

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