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Anne Mitchell

Dr. Anne Mitchell teaches at DePaul University in the departments of Women’s & Gender Studies and African Black Diaspora Studies. She is a proud HBCU graduate of Grambling State University where she received her B.A. For her M.A. degree she attended the University of Minnesota and then obtained a Ph.D. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Ohio State University. Dr. Mitchell’s work primarily focuses on Black women, queer people, feminist theory, and the African American Civil Rights movement. Her interests also include popular culture, wri​ting about Beyoncé, and watching the WNBA.

As an educator, Dr. Mitchell’s approach to teaching is to be a leader in the classroom, but also encourage student agency. Women’s and Gender studies, African and Black Diaspora, and Critical Ethnic studies courses introduce students to new paradigms through which to view the world. Her courses are often reading intensive and the instruction is full guidance that encourages student growth.

Courses Taught

  • WGS 100: Women’s Lives: Race, Gender, Class
  • WGS 212: Growing Up Female in the US
  • LSP 200: Race in America: Black, White, Other
  • WGS 250: Feminist Frameworks
  • WGS 388/LGQ: Queer Theory: An Introduction
  • WGS 386/486: Black Women’s Lives & Experiences
  • WGS & ABD: Black Sexual Politics
  • WGS: Women of Color Feminisms
  • WGS 415: Feminist Genealogies

Areas of Interest

  • Women of Color Feminisms
  • Black Women’s Studies
  • Autobiographical & Narrative Studies
  • Queer Theory & LGBTQIA+ Histories
  • Civil Rights
  • Women in Sports


  • Mitchell, A. M. (2019). “These Queer Streets: A Review of Queer Clout."
  • Mitchell, A. M. (Submitted, Under Review).  “The Academic Poorhouse: Notes on the Financial Crisis & Dead Adjuncts." The Feminist Review.
  • Mitchell, A. M. (In Progress). “Are We Gonna Be Alright? Black Girls & Femmes Navigating Coming of Age in Late 20th & Early 21st Century Autobiography."
  • Mitchell, A. M. (2016). “Beyonce As Aggressive Black Femme and Knowing Subject." Ed. Adrienne Trier-Bieniek. The Beyonce Effect: Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company. 40-54.
  • Chawansky, Megan & Anne Mitchell. (2016). “Griner & Johnson Are Getting Married: The Intersection of Women's Sports and Queerness."

Manuscript in Progress

Civil Rights Subjectivities and Black Autobiography.