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Sarah Read

Research Interests

Professional and technical communication; Writing in non-profit organizations; Workplace ethnography; Qualitative research methodology; Service learning pedagogy; Rhetoric of science; Writing in the (technical) Disciplines; Rhetorical theory; Genre studies; Posthumanist and network theory. 

Courses Recently Taught

  • WRD 209: Discourse & Genre
  • WRD 500: Pro-seminar in Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse
  • WRD 510: Topics in Rhetorical History: Network Rhetorics

Recent Scholarship

  • “Making a Thing of Quality Childcare: Latourian Rhetoric Doing Things,” The Object of Rhetoric: Assembling and Disassembling Bruno Latour, Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers, eds. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. Spring 2015.
  • “Introducing WAW-PW: Teaching for Learning Transformation in the Multi-major Professional Writing Course.” Coauthor with Michael Michaud, Rhode Island College. College Composition and Communication, February 2015. 
  • Visualizing and Tracing: Research Methodologies for Distributed, Networked, Sociotechnical Activity, Otherwise Known as Knowledge Work.” Coauthor with Jason Swarts. Technical Communication Quarterly Special Issue on Contemporary Research Methods in Technical Communication. 24 (1). January 2015.
  • “Genre Cycling: The Infrastructural Function of an Operational Assessment Review and Reporting Process at a Federal Scientific Supercomputing User Facility,” First author, with Michael E. Papka. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International Conference on Design of Communication, Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. ACM, Inc. New York. 2014.