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Cuba Exhibit

Exhibits are a different form of expression.  There have been moments in history that words cannot capture but a photo represents the feelings of that moment and marks our history forever.  Exhibits are unique and instrumental to help us understand the Latino/a experience and Latin American history.  Our office strives to accomplish our mission by opening our space for exhibitions to share and learn from.  Most importantly, we hope these exhibitions engage our community in conversation, find connections in history, and inspire action.

Since 2004, the Center for Latino Research has hosted seven traveling exhibits of photography and artistic works.  Our first exhibit of 40 black and white photographs by Jonathan Moller titled, Our Culture is our Resistance: Repression, Refuge and Healing in Guatemala, brought together community leaders, activists, parents, children, musicians, professors and students to DePaul University.  Each exhibit has had similar responses and year after year there is a common theme, awareness and knowledge.  We are proud to have shed awareness on issues of repression and resistance during the Guatemalan 1980 Civil War; reveal the unfair impact of U.S. travel policy on Cuban-Americans and their relatives in Cuba; honor the struggles and contributions of the Black Panthers, the Young Lords Organization, Rising Up Angry, and the Rainbow Coalition; highlight the Latino/a LGBTQ community; and, in general, share our space for social justice and artistic expression.  Each exhibit has been successfully received and has repeatedly reminded us of the power and faith to survive over the years.

Similar to our publication, Dialogo, our exhibits have become important to help us bridge the non-academic with academic worlds of our Latino/a communities in the United States and Latin America. Exhibits help us reflect on the past and provoke us to think about the present and future.

Submit an Exhibit Proposal

If you are a photographer or director of a traveling exhibit and would like our office to consider hosting your exhibit, please email the following to

  1. Four jpeg photo samples with captions
  2. Artist statement
  3. Exhibit description
  4. Total number of frames with dimensions
  5. Provide a written description of proposal's link to the CLR's mission