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​​​Mindful of the importance of building upon the foundations that have been laid in the past, the Center continues to evolve—defining and re-defining its role within the University community as the needs of the University change.

The goals of The Women’s Center remain

•    to encourage women to broaden their participation in the University community, to expand their educational and vocational horizon beyond fields traditionally chosen by women, and to increase the awareness of the cultural conditioning that has narrowed those options in the past.

•    to work to increase the understanding and awareness of gender-related issues through diverse programs on topics including personal and professional development, academic achievement, family, health, spirituality, sexuality, identity, discrimination, and personal safety.

•    to provide a place where women of diverse cultural, social, and academic backgrounds can work together towards identifying and challenging attitudes and barriers that have denied women educational opportunities, earning potential, and personal empowerment.

•    to recognize and encourage student, staff, and faculty involvement with, and service, to both the University and surrounding urban communities. 

•    to provide a more visible educational and advocacy role within the larger Chicago metropolitan area.

•    to work with faculty members in increasingly diverse disciplines to develop programs which address curricular needs and thus provide support to instructional needs.

•    to heighten its visibility as a campus resource not only to women students, faculty, staff, and administrators, but to all interested members of the University community.