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Graduate Research

The college supp​orts the research, scholarship, and creative work of graduate students through its Graduate Research Funding (GRF) program. The GRF helps defray the cost of conducting research and creative work and for presenting papers at academic conferences through a competitive process. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

​​Application Checklist

  • Dates
  • Location
  • Name of conference
  • Clear explanation NOT abstract
  • Talk to your sponsoring faculty
  • Clear budget narrative

​​Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing I should include in my abstract?

You should include the name of the conference, location and dates. If you are asking for funds for research, explain dates and location only.​​

Are other facts needed?

​Yes. Clarify whether you are the sole author or the primary investigator.​​

What other information do I need to include?

Make sure you explain how the conference is related to your larger research project or trajectory. What is the tie-in to your work for your degree?

What should I NOT do?

Do not cut and paste your conference abstract! Use layman’s language to explain your work, while stressing why it’s important to your career at DePaul University. 

What about the budget narrative?

In your budget narrative, make sure you fill it out and explain where you searched for air or hotel fares. If you are renting a car, explain why it is necessary. If you are visiting a library or an archive, again explain to the committee why certain expenses are being incurred.

Do you need anything from my faculty sponsor?

Yes, your faculty sponsor should affirm your academic quality and the quality of the conference you are going to​.

What is the GRF application deadline?

Autumn: September 25, 2017​
Winter:  January 22, 2018
Spring:  April 30, 2018
Summer: July 16, 2018