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Degree Conferral

In order for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to verify the completion of academic requirements, students must apply for degree conferral (graduation) in advance to have a degree posted and to receive a diploma.

The online degree conferral application can be found in Campus Connect within the Student Center tab.

Please note that paper applications will no longer be accepted. Students must apply for degree conferral online via Campus Connect.

Application deadlines for degree conferral are:

Conferral Term Deadline
Autumn (November) October 1st
Winter (March) January 15th
Spring (June) February 1st
Summer (August) July 15th

Provided all requirements and financial obligations are met, degrees will be posted 30 days after the completion of the quarter.

Graduate students are eligible to graduate when all courses, thesis, dissertations, master's papers, comprehensive exams or language exams are completed. Papers are due to faculty advisors well in advance of the degree posting date. Make sure you submit them on time or you will not be eligible for graduation and will need to re-apply online for the next posting date.

For additional information, visit DePaul's Commencement website.​