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Independent Study

Occasionally, graduate study calls for intensive research or a special internship experience that can only be achieved through an independent study course. Graduate students in the College of LAS can register for an independent study course whether for dissertation/thesis research or to complete an internship by submitting the Independent Study Online Registration Request.

Please note: Independent study courses require departmental approval. Independent study requests should not be submitted until you have consulted with your prospective instructor.

You must submit the Independent Study Registration Request Form, complete with approval from both the instructor and graduate program director, to the Graduate Student Services Office no later than the first week of the quarter in which you wish to start the independent study course. Please consult with your program prior to filling out the online form. Any request that is incomplete or unapproved will be returned to you.

The Graduate Student Services Office will register you for the course with your unique course information; after submitting the request, no further action on your part is necessary unless a registration hold exists on your student record. You are responsible for monitoring registration holds and resolving any issues that may prevent the Graduate Student Services Office from registering you for this course.

For help submitting an independent study application online, please read the instructions. If, after reading the instructions, you have any questions about completing an Independent Study Registration Request, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Student Services Office.