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Registration and Withdrawal

Students should familiarize themselves with the university's Academic Calendar, paying close attention to the add, drop and withdrawal dates. Although students are eligible for 100 percent tuition refund for classes dropped before the last day to drop, the university does not offer partial reimbursements after that date. Students receiving Financial Aid should contact a financial aid advisor before dropping a course since it may impact their loans.

The Graduate Student Services Office is responsible for processing permission-only courses and late registration requests. It is the student's responsibility to facilitate the registration by contacting the department/instructor of the course and requesting permission. If permission is approved,  instructors should send the student's name, email address,  seven-digit student ID, course number, section number and five-digit class number to for registration processing. The student will receive an emailed registration confirmation.

The Dean of Students Office offers late withdrawal appeals for students who experience medical or personal circumstances that negatively impact their ability to be academically successful. The Appeal for Course Withdrawal form contains appeal policies and instructions and should be completed only after all other resources have been explored.

Students requesting late course withdrawal for reasons unrelated to medical or personal circumstances must complete a Late Course Withdrawal form. The Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Graduate Student Services Office will follow strict guidelines for late withdrawal requests and will consult with relevant offices if necessary. Guidelines for late withdrawals are included in the form. Late withdrawals are only granted under documented, extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. ​