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Lisa Dush

Research Interests

New media and digital writing; Digital storytelling; Workplace and organizational writing

Courses Recently Taught

  • NMS 501: Proseminar in New Media Studies
  • NMS 509: Digital Storytelling
  • WRD 201: Digital Writing
  • WRD 206: Professional Writing
  • WRD 522: Writing in the Professions

Recent Scholarship

  • "When Writing Becomes Content." College Composition and Communication (forthcoming 2015).
  • "Building the Capacity of Organizations for Rhetorical Action With New Media: An Approach to Service Learning." Computers and Composition: An International Journal 34.4 (2014): 11-22.
  • "The Ethical Complexities of Sponsored Digital Storytelling," International Journal of Cultural Studies 16.6 (2013): 627-640.
  • "Genre-informed Implementation Analysis: An Approach for Assessing the Sustainability of New Textual Practices." Technological Ecologies and Sustainability: Methods, Modes, and Assessment. Eds. Danielle DeVoss, Heidi McKee, & Dickie Selfe. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State UP, 2009.
  • New Skills, New Syntax: Integrating Digital Storytelling into Organizations. Story Circle: Digital Storytelling Around the World. Eds. John Hartley & Kelly McWilliam (Eds.),  Oxford: Blackwell, 2009. 260-268.