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Alumni Profiles

Interested in seeing where our graduates are? View alumni profiles.

Amber Broughton

​Graduation Year: 2010

Current Employer: Indiana State Department of Public Health

Current Job Title: State Office of Rural Health Manager

How do you use your MPH degree: By having my MPH degree, with a concentration in Community Health Practice, I have been able to bring a unique community-level perspective to a large state agency. ​

Holly Trandel Manprisio

Graduation Year: 2010

Current Employer: Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Current job title: Program Manager, External Affairs

How you use your MPH degree: Community health needs assessment, program development, implementation and evaluation, health education and process improvement, etc.

Leanne Fountas

​Graduation Year: 2011

Current Employer: Northwestern University

Current Job Title: Clinical Research Coordinator

How do you use your MPH degree: "MPH program offered a well-rounded education that can be applied to almost any work position." ​

Courtney Kozlowski

​Graduation Year: 2011

Current Employer: Northwestern University

Current Job Title: Research Coordinator

Mara Lidacis

Graduated: 2011
Employer: National Kidney Foundation of Illinois
Job Title: Director of Community Health Education

Erin Hantke

​​​Graduated: 2012
Employer: Heartland Alliance
Job Title: Associate Director, Refugee and Community Health Programs

How you use your MPH degree: "In my current role I'm responsible for oversight of the Refugee Health Program, the SMART health IT navigator project and the Health Care for the Homeless CHW project. I provide supervision of staff, interns and volunteers; prepare grants, budgets and reports; create program/project goals, objectives and evaluations; and ensure communication and support among all partner organizations and funders."​​​

Meredith Jones

​Graduation Year: 2012

Current Employer: American Medical Association

Current Job Title: Policy Analyst

How do you use your MPH degree: "Project planning, developing new methodology, training other public health and medical professionals in newly developed methodology, evaluation of programs/ projects, connecting, networking, and promoting health care policy and measure development expertise to other medical professionals in the field, and finally contracting".

Any other comments about the MPH program: "Without the flexibility, support, and encouragement from DePaul's MPH program and staff I would have never had the ability to carry out my unique practicum project. My practicum experience permanently sharpened my career focus and helped to spark my specified interest in health care policy and health care measurement/ development/ analytics. To future MPH students beginning their practicum: I would encourage you to not be afraid of doing something very different than your peers in your class. Follow what interests you the most despite any constraints, apply your rigorous coursework and learning, work with your professors, and you will see the most benefit from the program and your work".

Yaw A. Peprah

​Graduation Year: 2013

Current Employer: University of Illinois at Chicago

Current Job Title: Clinical Research Coordinator

How you use your MPH degree: Coordinating clinical and poulation based research from over 90 protocols to meet the research needs of the larger UIC ommunity.

Any ​other comments about the MPH program:" This is a unique program that affords all of its students the necessary one-on-one faculty and student attention to successfully complete your graduate education in a timely manner."

Michael Greenier

​Graduation Year: 2014

Current Employer: American Academy of Pediatrics

Current Job Title: Life Support Simulation and Course Specialist

How you use your MPH degree: I combine the knowledge I gained at DePaul with my prior paramedic training to deliver high quality simulation experiences to pediatricians nationwide. These simulations bridge the gap between classroom and practice and allow clinicians to make mistakes and grow in a safe environment.

Any other comments about the MPH program: I entered DePauls' MPH program with the intention to help those less fortunate in the world, but with little knowledge on how to go about it or even what that entailed. I left the program with both wisdom and a direction on how to proceed in not only my professional life, but my personal one as well. The fellowships I forged with my cohort provided me with a strong networking foundation and friendships that will last a lifetime. ​​

Melanie Ruhe

Graduation Year: 2014
List your current organization’s name: The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS), Washington, DC
List your current job Title: Program Associate

How you use your MPH degree:  I am incorporating my grant writing, program development and thesis writing skills in my job as well as my maternal and child health knowledge. I am basically using all of the skills and information acquired throughout the MPH program! I currently work on a CDC funded grant to advocate and educate national maternal and child health agencies on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD). I do a plethora of things but mainly work on the FASD National Grant.

Any other comments about the MPH program you would to share: DePaul’s MPH program was a great experience! I learned a lot and am grateful to have met my classmates and professors who supported and taught me so much along the way!

Paisley Williams

​Graduation Year: 2014

Current Employer: Vida/SIDA, A project of the Puerto Rican Center

Current Job Title: HIV/STI Prevention Initiative Program Manager

How you use your MPH degree: I use my MPH degree in my current position to empower myself to go higher. During my MPH courses, I learned how to write program proposals, grants, and about cultural dynamics. Right now I am, assisting my supervisor with a workplan for an audit and reaching deliverables for a CDC grant tailored to YMSM (young men that have sex with men) I wanted to learn how to write grants and the skills I developed in the MPH program, are helping me understand work that goes into non-for profits and how they strive in the communities they represent.

Any ​other comments about the MPH program: The MPH program at DePaul has equipped me with the skills and values that I didn't have before graduate school. Now, I have confidence because of the MPH professors and what they have instilled in me to be a better advocate and public health practitioner.