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Alumni & Friends

Dear LAS Alumni and Friends,

DePaul 125th anniversary logo

This year, together with the university at large, the College of LAS celebrating our 125th Anniversary. Such a momentous occasion provides the perfect opportunity for our alumni and friends to re-engage with LAS and our mission

Our students, faculty and staff make up a community of actively-engaged learners, but we are fully empowered only when you, our more than 30,000 alumni, former students, and friends, are with us. As we work for a better future, your commitment to our continuing success makes us an unstoppable force for positive change.

On our website you will find information about the many ways through which we can extend our partnership. We need you as advocates of a Liberal Arts education, as role models of leadership and activism, and as LAS’S ethical compass for future generations of graduates.

We look forward to our work together and to welcome you to visit our campus, attend events, and share your stories with us.

Dean of LAS