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Five DePaul Fulbright winners in 2015
DePaul had six Fulbright winners in 2015. From left to right: Kevin Cole, Susannah McFaul, Rebecca Son, Ian Moore, Sowmya Sastri. Jason Czerwiec is not pictured. (Image courtesy of Maria-Romina Hench)

Many students are looking for ways to lower the cost of higher education.  Fortunately, there is a wide variety of scholarships available to DePaul students. These include internal scholarships granted by DePaul and LAS-specific scholarships, as well as external scholarship opportunities, which are often referred to as national or featured scholarships.  Some programs cover tuition costs, others provide new opportunities like studying abroad or spending a summer working in Washington DC.  Whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, you are likely eligible for multiple scholarship programs.

Internal Scholarships

DePaul internal scholarships are those that are funded and administered by the university itself. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences uses the DePaul Scholarship Tool for all awards. LAS-specific scholarships are awarded one time in the academic year.

Students are encouraged to log-on to the scholarship tool at any time. The general application may be filled out at any point after July 1, and students will be linked to awards when they become open for application. When you fill out the general application, you may also be routed to other awards for which you are eligible.

National and Featured Scholarships

National and featured scholarships are external awards, meaning that they are not granted by DePaul but are available to DePaul students. External scholarships cover a wide range of academic fields including study abroad, public service, international affairs, natural and social sciences, education, and the humanities. DePaul provides resources to help you choose the right program and prepare your application.

If you're interested in an external scholarship a good place to begin is the Getting Started page. There you will find a list of scholarships as well as some advice, divided by undergraduate academic year.  Some of the most prestigious scholarships are listed under Featured Scholarships. To learn more about those scholarships, click on the link or download this quick guide to scholarships (PDF). Once you've made an initial exploration, contact the DePaul Scholarship Advisor for further assistance.​​​