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Center for Black Diaspora

Message from the Director on Charlottesville, VA events 

The Center for Black Diaspora at DePaul University wholeheartedly condemns the events that transpired at the University of Virginia last weekend. It mourns the murder of a counter-protestor and the deaths of two peace officers attempting to quell the violence.  It also rejects the hatred and ignorance that fueled the anger and violence in Charlottesville, and that has been erupting in recent months, along with the racist and other supremacist ideologies behind these disruptions. The Center is fully committed to DePaul’s Vincentian mission of advancing “higher education as a means to engage cultural, social, religious, and ethical values in service to others…[and]…finding just solutions to community problems, especially those which impact our poorest and most vulnerable”. The Center is equally committed to fostering a beloved and empowered community at DePaul, in the African diaspora, and beyond.  To that end, the Center and its staff welcome you to come in for reflection, study, meet, or simply to relax over a cup of coffee or tea.

Christina Rivers, Ph.D. 

because ideas matter

The Center for Black Diaspora was established to promote and support the production of scholarly, cultural and creative work related to the experiences of black people in the diaspora. The center encourages and supports the study of black diaspora in all its complexities as shaped by the historical experiences of Africa and the West, and actively promotes comparative perspectives to illuminate the particular experiences of African people both on the continent and in the diaspora.

As a unit of the university, the center seeks to strengthen the university's commitment by:
  • providing and nurturing an intellectual and supportive environment in the production and dissemination of historical and cultural knowledge about people of African descent
  • generating knowledge through support of conferences, seminars and colloquia; serving the university's external community with programming of interest and relevance to the diverse population of Chicago
  • collaborating with other academic units, centers and programs in sustaining an intellectual culture which promotes greater understanding of people of African descent
We welcome the DePaul and Chicago communities to the Center's events. For current programs, please click on the "News and Events" tab.​​​