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Newly Admitted Graduate Students

Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Dean, College of LAS

Congratulations on your admission to the graduate program in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at DePaul University. You were selected from many applicants and join a cohort of highly qualified and capable graduate students. We congratulate you and thank you for choosing DePaul. The benefits of the entire university are open to you, and we encourage you to take full advantage of them.

This website is intended to provide the information you need as a newly admitted graduate student. We hope that it allows you to better understand our graduate academic programs and support services.

The college is committed to providing all of its students with an education that balances in depth study with a breadth of experience in various disciplines that form the core of human knowledge. All of our degree granting programs seek to enhance student knowledge and critical thinking skills, to raise questions of value and meaning, and to develop those habits of the heart and mind intrinsic to lifelong and independent learning.

Above all else, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has succeeded because it has attracted good people to it: faculty, staff and students like you who share its values, vision and dedication to learning. Although most of our faculty members are active scholars, many with national and international reputations, they all are involved in teaching, and they all view teaching and the quality of our academic programs as their first commitment.

Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco, PhD
Dean and Professor of Art, Media, and Design

Graduate Admission Questions?

Contact us with questions you may have concerning the graduate admission process. We will work with you to ensure you are ready to take the next step.

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