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Combined Degree Programs

DePaul’s combined bachelor’s + master’s degree programs allow you to earn both your undergraduate and graduate degrees in as few as five years (rather than the traditional six or more).

The courses you’ll take during your senior year will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degree, saving you time and money, moving you seamlessly from your undergraduate classes right into your graduate coursework.

Create the combined degree program that's right for you

Many LAS combined degrees are open to all current DePaul undergraduate students interested in graduate study. Others are open only to designated undergraduate majors.


Featured Programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

DePaul Undergraduate degree + Applied Diplomacy MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Critical Ethnic Studies MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + International Studies MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Modern Languages MA (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Public Health MPH
DePaul Undergraduate degree + International Public Service MS
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Nonprofit Management MNM
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Public Administration MPA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Public Policy MPP
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Sociology MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Sustainable Urban Development MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Women’s and Gender Studies MA
DePaul Undergraduate degree + Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse MA

Students interested in any of the LAS combined programs apply through the Graduate Admission Office in their junior year, and if accepted, take up to three graduate courses in their senior year. Once students earn their bachelor’s degree from DePaul, they matriculate as a graduate student and complete the remaining required courses for the master’s degree.

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