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Bachelor's/Master's in International Public Service

​The combined bachelor's + master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

DePaul Undergraduate Degree + International Public Service (MS)

Students completing any undergraduate degree at DePaul are eligible to apply for the bachelor's + master's in International Public Service no later than the end of the spring quarter of their junior year if they have completed at least 88.0 credit hours of their undergraduate degree with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The student admitted to the bachelor's + master's degree program will take, in their senior year, three courses in International Public Services in consultation with the Program Director. These three courses will serve as electives in the undergraduate program (unless the student's undergraduate college applies them to major or minor field requirements) and double-count for the MS degree.

The student's bachelor's degree will be awarded upon the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements. The master's degree will be awarded upon completion of the graduate degree requirements.

The International Public Service degree requirements are found here.

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