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Please note that a message of “No results were found for the selected search criteria” may indicate that the course is not offered in the selected term or has not yet been scheduled. A full list of School of Public Service courses and their descriptions can be viewed in the DePaul University Catalog.

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Do not hesitate to contact your faculty mentor for details on any of the courses listed below.

Independent Study (MPS 600)

The Independent Study fulfills elective credit in all degree programs. This option allows students to undertake intensive and advanced study of a topic which culminates in a major research paper or project. Students may not use the Independent Study option to fulfill existing course requirements. Instead, students should pursue an Independent Study to focus more intensively on an idea or a skill previously developed in regular coursework.

Students interested in undertaking an Independent Study must first discuss plans with the Assistant Director for Academic Advising or their Degree Chair and with the prospective supervising professor, under whose general area of expertise the intended topic falls. Approval of an Independent Study requires completion of a proposal detailing the scope and objectives of proposed research and describing the written work that the study will produce. Students bear the responsibility to seek and obtain the approval of the supervising faculty member.

To register for an Independent Study course, students must submit a completed Independent Study Application signed by the supervising faculty member, SPS department director and the student to the SPS Assistant Director for Academic Advising for degree audit purposes and record keeping. Once the appropriate signatures are on file, submit the online Independent Study Application Form to complete the registration process.

Enrollment in an independent study becomes part of the student's academic record. Procedures for withdrawal from such courses are the same as regularly scheduled courses.

Independent Study Policies:

Independent Study courses do not carry over from one quarter to another. Applications for independent studies must:

  • Be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the quarter.
  • Include the signatures of both the instructor and the department chair.
  • Applications will not be processed if incomplete, incorrect, or denied.

Integrative Seminar, Capstone (MPS 593) & Thesis (MPS 598)

The integrative seminar project challenges you to draw on many of the aspects you have mastered to complete this degree: an in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit and governmental service sectors, a broad understanding of management issues, familiarity with research methods, program evaluation or policy analysis, and proficiency in the use of budgeting or statistical tools.

Students with a grade point average of 3.5 or above may choose the thesis option. In brief, a thesis is an academic, theoretically-based research project designed in the research sequence. It is based on theory and its purpose is the development of knowledge. It includes an extensive literature review that considers the relevant theoretical and published research work. Students base conclusions on the analyses of collected data. The final project is a Master's Thesis.

Visit the Forms Page for the Thesis Registration Application.

Internship (MPS 601 or MPS 610)

Internships are credit-based structured, supervised, off-campus learning opportunities in nonprofit, government, education or health care organizations and voluntary associations in the U.S. or abroad. Students choose internships to prepare for specific careers or to inform their career choice. Occasionally internships help students identify capstone projects.

Internships serve two purposes: to integrate practical and academic experiences in the context of public service management, and to make a contribution to society, thereby extending the public service mission of DePaul University.

Internships earn four hours of credit and are required for certain degrees though any student may apply an internship to their program of study. Interns are required to complete 200 hours of service on site. Students may register for internships during any academic quarter. Students may apply for an internship after completing 12 hours of credit in the School.

Visit the Jobs and Internships Page to identify some internships available in the Chicagoland area. The Forms Page has additional information on Internships including the Internship Guidelines, Internship Request Form, and Internship Agreement. Contact Assistant Director for Advising, Keirstin Lincoln for details on adding an internship to your study or SPS Internship Coordinator, Michael Diamond for support in finding and making the most of your internship. ​