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​Graduate education in Public Service Management at DePaul University began in 1970-71 and an undergraduate degree in Public Policy Studies was first offered to students in the 1997-98 academic year. Today the School of Public Service at DePaul University is a leader in research, service and education in the areas of public and non‐profit leadership, public administration, and policy analysis. Located in the Chicago's downtown Loop, the School offers many opportunities for you to become involved in politics and policy, non-profit organizations and advocacy organizations. We count a rich set of connections to public, non‐profit and policy actors throughout the city and region and our alumni network is made up of over 3,460 professionals working in various public service fields. The full time faculty have both practical and scholarly expertise in management, policy formulation, and analysis, and part-time faculty offer courses that allow them to bring their professional expertise into the classroom. ​

The School of Public Service offers one undergraduate and five graduate programs that allow students to choose a path that best fits their career aspirations. Each degree offers conceptual tools in the development and analysis of public policies, and provides a foundation in basic policy theory and research methods. The curriculum introduces students to important issues facing public service, political administration, and nonprofit management, and teaches the skills needed to solve problems and become leaders in these fields.  

As a teaching institution, DePaul always puts its students first. As scholars, our full‐time faculty are experts in the areas of transportation, housing, crime, environmental policy, community health, public finance, economic development, sustainable international development, inequality, and the science of philanthropic giving, a truly broad department of experts.

Our mission at SPS is an important one: to educate the next generation of public service leaders. Through this, we also seek to build a community of like‐minded individuals who seek to improve the people, places and organizations that make up the public service network in Chicago and beyond. ​