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School of Public Service at DePaul University

Our mission is to educate the next generation of public service and nonprofit leaders.

Our first responsibility is to our students and graduates. Guided by the life and work of St. Vincent de Paul, we educate women and men to be effective leaders in the global community—each committed to improving the lives of others—and empower them to make meaningful contributions to their organizations, institutions and communities.

We are intentional in our approach. We look at how societal issues, civic institutions, governmental policies and the nonprofit sector all fit together. Our students have the skills and confidence to solve problems in any sector, in any part of the world.

Our faculty and graduate students are at the heart of SPS. Both possess a strong desire to have an impact in our communities and to make a difference in society. With a focus on policy analysis, management, critical thinking and communication, we offer a rich and practical perspective that ensures our graduates are ready to tackle the issues that matter to them.

  • 53% full-time students

    The Student Experience

    Graduate students in the School of Public Service are a diverse and dynamic group of learners—not just scholars, but movers and shakers—individuals engaged in shaping a better world.

  • 15+ community partners

    Our Classroom—Outside the Classroom

    Students don't simply study about the issues, they experience and live them. DePaul's connection to Chicago and the region gives students an invaluable first-hand knowledge that prepares them to create real-world urban solutions.

  • 93% employment

    Alumni Outcomes & Placement

    DePaul alumni are never hard to find. They can be found in virtually every industry, company and community in the greater Chicago area—as well as around the globe. What distinguishes a DePaul graduate is the value they bring to their organization and corporations.

  • 100% experts

    Faculty Experts

    DePaul attracts faculty who see value in an academic culture that is deeply connected to its community, its citizens and has a meaningful mission of service to the greater good. Our faculty have a distinct passion and an area of expertise that directs their research, community service, and teaching approaches.

The School of Public Service holds official NASPAA accreditation for three degrees. Learn more!

The School of Public Service holds official NASPAA accreditation for four of our degrees:


The School of Public Service is also a member of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC).

The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association accredits all degree programs of DePaul University. In 2007 the Commission granted accreditation to the Schools Online Programs. These specialized affiliations ensure excellence in education and training for institutions in the public service sector.​