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Our Students

Engaged. Strategic. Impactful. Our DePaul Student Experience.

Graduate students in the School of Public Service are a diverse and dynamic group of learners—not just scholars, but “movers and shakers”—individuals engaged in the shaping of a better world. In fact, in our programs, some of the most significant knowledge that students gain comes from each other.

Our classroom outside the classroom. We may be a bit biased, but we can't think of another city that is more perfectly suited for students interested in studying public administration, public policy or nonprofit management. Students join our graduate programs to gain credentials for career advancement, to move from a job in the for-profit sector to a position in a nonprofit organization or the government, or to prepare for leadership in their chosen professions. But no matter what their ambitions, our students tend to share a common commitment: to improve others’ lives and work for the betterment of society.

Student Life. Individual classes typically meet one night a week for three hours. Most students enroll with two classes each quarter which is considered full-time student status. Classes are held in the Loop Campus yet some programs are also delivered online. The pace of a quarter system may feel a little accelerated if you are used to the semester schedule, but our faculty help keep you on track and always ready for what is ahead.

“I’m most proud of the community outreach that DePaul taught me and led to the volunteering at a civic organization, North Mayfair Improvement Association, and leading that board.”


Jim O'Reilly, School of Public Service Alum 

SPS students are encouraged to get involved on campus and often take advantage of honors societies, special events and speaker opportunities hosted by the School of Public Service.