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Our Students

Graduate students in the School of Public Service are a diverse and dynamic group of learners— not just scholars, but  “movers and shakers” — individuals engaged in the shaping of a better world. In fact, in our programs, some of the most significant knowledge that students gain comes from each other.

  • Thirty percent work in the nonprofit sector, many in healthcare; fifteen percent come from government careers in local, county, state, and federal agencies and in law enforcement. Twenty percent work in education, mostly as higher education administrators. Eight percent are association managers. Twenty-five percent work in the for-profit sector. To the classroom, they bring a world of experience.

  • Ten percent come from other countries — from Poland, India, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, the Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Croatia, Jordan. Fifty-five percent come from the Chicago area; twenty percent represent thirty different states.  For our programs, this diversity creates a rich cross-cultural perspective.

  • Their intellectual backgrounds are just as varied. Our students have undergraduate or graduate degrees in liberal arts or sciences, medicine, law, business, education, and social work – from more than 100 different universities and colleges. Their interests make for lively classroom discussions.

  • Two-thirds of our students pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, one-third in government. By taking core classes together, our students come to a sophisticated understanding of each other’s challenges and objectives — an understanding that supports practical and effective collaboration in the real world.

Students join our graduate programs to gain credentials for career advancement, to move from a job in the for-profit sector to a position in a nonprofit organization or the government, or to prepare for leadership in their chosen professions. But no matter what their ambitions, our students tend to share a common commitment: to improve others’ lives and work for the betterment of society.