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Our Mission

We educate people to be effective public service leaders in the global community guided by the values of St. Vincent de Paul.

In the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, our first responsibility is to our students and graduates and all who benefit from or are served by them—their clients, coworkers and citizens in our urban and international society.

DePaul, a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university, takes its name from St. Vincent DePaul. The religious community founded by St. Vincent, commonly known as “Vincentians,” established the university and endowed it with a distinctive spirit; to foster in higher education a deep respect for the God-given dignity of all persons, especially the materially, culturally, and spiritually deprived, and to instill in educated persons a dedication to the service of others. DePaul retains this spirit as a highly valued heritage and a vital influence in every succeeding generation of the university’s development.​

We respect the dignity and recognize the merit of each person as we work in partnership to build a multiracial, multicultural and international community among us. Our first priority is that each student acquires the knowledge, skills and values required to manage organizations in the public sector.

We promote effective management of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, associations and other institutions serving the public interest. Our efforts incorporate the analysis and development of sound public policies and practices that further social equity in the delivery of affordable, quality services to all, but especially to those in need.

We dedicate ourselves to excellence in our teaching, which is informed by scholarly research and enlightened social concern. We will accomplish our mission when we believe what we teach and practice what we believe.​