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Study Abroad

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Study Abroad
Study Abroad

​​At DePaul, students and faculty learn together all over the world.

Bring the world into focus with study abroad. Studying abroad provides an opportunity to gain deeper perspectives and understanding with an international lens. All graduate students in the School of Public Service are encouraged to study abroad. In fact, we offer more opportunities for international study than any other equivalent program in a private university because we are confident that international study benefits our students.

Students who study abroad:

  • Gain cross-cultural experiences
  • Learn about international nonprofit organizations
  • Develop lifelong relationships with people from other countries
  • Make international professional contacts
  • Experience new cultures, languages, and traditions

The intense, one-week study abroad courses create strong, personal and professional experiences that build networks among our students and faculty. Study abroad courses typically begin on Sunday evenings and conclude on Friday afternoons in the host country with pre- and post-trip meetings held on campus.

Explore the study abroad programs currently available in the tabs below. You will find links to the programs' brochure and application.

Tanzania: Graduate Studies in Public Service, Non-profits and Sustainable Development Service Management

Offered during December Intercession every other year.

photo of Tanzania

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

This interdisciplinary travel course will introduce students to Arusha and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania where they will have the opportunity to get first-hand information on social welfare, nonprofit organizations, public service management and sustainable development in the country.

The course explores the relevant theories, perspectives, and programs for economic development, social welfare, health promotion, and disease prevention, and the role of public and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in addressing these and other challenges in Tanzania.

Students will learn about the impact of colonialism, the status of women and the spread of HIV-AIDS, the challenge of sustainable technology, and respect for diversity within and across national boundaries.

Program activities include participant observation/service learning, seminars at the Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology and Mount Meru University, and cultural tours, including a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, students will visit a variety of community cooperatives, relief agencies, and/or governmental offices to gain appreciation for the challenges and opportunities confronting Tanzania and other African countries. Specific sites have been selected to provide the best demonstration of grassroots development from a Tanzanian perspective. Evening activities will include individual and group reflection on experiences while dining or socializing with other international guests at the Catholic Relief Services Hostel. These will be combined with intensive pre-departure classes in Chicago to give students a uniquely enriching learning opportunity as they engage in conversations with Tanzanians on issues of justice and peace, politics and social services to raise their consciousness on these global issues that face humanity using the African continent as laboratory.

The program is offered as MPS 575: Graduate Studies in Public Service Management, Non-governmental Organizations and Sustainable Development. 


Accomodations: Students will stay at the Catholic Relief Services Hostel in Arusha, Tanzania. It has a bath and mosquito netting. The gated compounds offer a medium level of security, a small cyber-center, gift shop and two restaurants. Shopping centers are nearby. Accommodations are very clean and comfortable. Transportation will be provided by Shades of Green Safaris, a local transportation services.

Expenses: To view the current DePaul Study Abroad fees, please view visit the Office of Study Abroad page. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Students Admitted: 15-20

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

Students planning to participate in the SPS Tanzania study abroad program should register themselves for MPS 575 via Campus Connect for the Fall 2022 quarter AND complete the application for the study abroad program. These courses are offered in the Fall 2022 term, with travel to Tanzania occurring in the December intersession.

There will be three pre-departure class meetings on the last Fridays of September, October and mid-November to introduce students to the various theories and arguments on nonprofits, public service and sustainable development as well as orient them to Tanzania, its history, development trajectories and cultural, socio-economic and political environments as they impact sustainable development.


For Further Information:

If you have viewed the Office of Study Abroad's information but still have questions, please contact:

Raphael Ogom, PhD.
​Associate Professor and Program Director
Office: (312) 362-8983
Cell: (708) 979-0932

Brussels, Belgium, Offered annually during Spring Break.

Photo of DePaul students studying abroad in Brussels in March 2022

Application Deadline: TBA.

The Brussels, Belgium​ program allows students to broaden their perspective on public-policy analysis and public service management in an international context. The course explores how globalization is affecting national governments and traditional cultures while encouraging the creation of international non-profits and supra-national governing agencies. Students will learn how large agencies, such as the European Union and NATO, are strengthening relationships and working more closely with grassroots prganizations throughout the world.

The purpose of this course is to expand student understanding of influence and impact of institutions that both comprise and interact with the European Union (EU). The course focuses on the “international public sector,” including the relationship of governments with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the nonprofit/voluntary sector).  It considers the role of the EU and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as agents of change throughout the world.  The course provides an opportunity for both experiential learning as well as intellectual enrichment through an exploration of the strategies used to affect policy in international settings.  Students spend seven days in Belgium, primarily on Brussels visiting the EU and organizations affiliated with the EU. 

Students can register as either MPS 575 or Independent Study. Plus, you can register for this either as a Winter or Spring course. This trip includes high-level visits with European policymakers and a day-trip into Germany to a NATO air base.


Accomodations: Students will stay at the historic Irish College in Leuven, about 20 minutes by train from Brussels.  The College houses the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, which will host the group from DePaul and organize their stay.  Facilities at the Institute include en-suite rooms, conference rooms, and a dining room.

Expenses:  To view the current DePaul Study Abroad fees please view the Office of Study Abroad's page.

Students Admitted: 18-20

Application Deadline: TBA. To be put on the "interest list" and be notified of the information session, email Program Director, Professor Joe Schwieterman.​



For Further Information: If you have viewed all available information but still have questions, please contact Program Director, Professor Joe Schwieterman.​

Maharashtra, India, Offered during December Intercession biennially.

Application Deadline: TBA

The Watershed Organization Trust, INC. (WOTR) is an award-winning nonprofit operating in six Indian states. WOTR works to address poverty by mobilizing the self-help capacities of individuals and groups to regenerate the eco-spaces they live in. For their innovative work, WOTR was awarded the Kyoto World Water Proze in 2009.

The 6-day program with WOTR's headquarters in the city of Pune,Maharashtra, a 1-day visit to their Training Center in Darewadi village, which is the site of its first watershed development project. This will be followed by a 4-day stay in an Indian village as guests in the homes of the village residents, and interactions with several local grassroots development and social service organizations.


Student Admittance: 10 - 12 per course. 

Application Deadline: TBA. Once a course is filled, registration will close. APPLY HERE

For Further Information:

For more information, contact Program Director - Professor Ramya Ramanath (312) 362-7708​

Belfast, Northern Ireland, Trip during Summer, course typcially offered in Spring


Application Deadline: TBA 

Belfast was the center of attention and controversy between the early 1970’s until the peace accord of 1998. Since that time Belfast and the creation of the Northern Ireland Assembly has worked to further peace and reconciliation between the Scots Irish descendants who are generally loyal to the British throne, and the Irish nationalists who wish to see a united Republic of Ireland.

The program will include meetings with a wide variety of government and public policy leaders in Northern Ireland; attendance in a session of Parliament; tour of the Peace Walls; and visits to third sector organizations on the forefront of dealing with the peace process.

Accomodations: Students will stay at Queens University Belfast where they will have a single room with a private bathroom. 

Application Deadline: TBA.


For Further Information:
Contact Belfast Program Director Nick Kachiroubas for program details.​​