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Welcome to the School of Public Service!

​​​SPS offers an in person orientation every quarter, and a virtual orientation before the start of the Fall Quarter. The resources below can you help you get started as a new student, provide you with helpful resources, and answer many of your initial questions as you begin your program in SPS.

The SPS faculty and staff look forward to working with you!

Course Descriptions

To view a list of all courses offered by the School of Public Service and the course descriptions, please visit the University Catalog.

Quarterly Schedules

Schedules for each quarter are released several weeks prior to the start of registration. You can find the courses scheduled for each quarter by searching on Campus Connect. 

Campus Connect --> Manage Classes --> Class Search & Enroll --> Select Term --> type in “MPS” in the search box. 

Online Classes

The School of Public Service schedules online courses in multiple modalities (Online: Asynchronous, Online: Synchronous, Online: Hybrid, and Flex); online classes are restricted to online students only for part of registration. Non-online students interested in taking an online course must first add themselves to the wait list for the course (via Campus Connect) and if space is available once the online student restriction is lifted, then wait-listed students will be moved into the course. For further information on how to be added to a course wait list please visit DePaul Central's registration page. Please note that the wait list is first come first served and it is highly recommended that students work with the SPS academic advisor to determine a plan B prior to registration in the event space is not available in the online class.

​Intent to Enroll

Once accepted into the School of Public Service, students must submit the Intent to Enroll form.  This form will notify the program and the Office of Graduate Admission that the student accepts their admission to the school.  This form will also matriculate a student into the system allowing him/her to register for courses.  Newly admitted students should receive notification about this from the Office Graduate Admission upon admission to the school via email.

Registration Eligibility

To register for each term students are assigned a specific day and time for when they are eligible to register for courses.  You can check your enrollment date on Campus Connect

Campus Connect > Manage Classes >Enrollment Dates > Select Term > Enrollment Appointment > Appointment Begins

Tasks To Complete Prior To The Start Of The Quarter

1. Submit the Intent to Enroll form

2. Register for classes

3. Set up DePaul email address, familiarize yourself with Campus Connect, obtain DePaul ID card, and understand available financial aid options and payment plans. Please refer to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Next Steps page for further details.

4. Attend New Student Orientation! Information about orientation will be sent to students prior to the start of the quarter they were admitted to. Students will be contacted directly via the email address on file.

Dont Forget To...

1. Submit immunization records (a hold will be put on any student account, which prevents course registration, until records are submitted)

Immunization Form: Online or Printable

2. Submit final transcripts (if not already done)

3. Follow SPS on social media, Instagram, LinkedIN,  Facebook, and Twitter!


Online students outside of the Chicago area are eligible to receive a DePaul ID Card.  Students can request the ID card through Campus Connect.  Please refer to the DePaul ID Card Overview page for further instructions.

The School of Public Service has many opportunities for students to explore with events, affiliates, honor societies and more! Orient yourself with the information below and stay current by looking through our website and following us on Facebook and Twitter!