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Public Service Management

Public Service Management Graduate Program

Designed to educate ethical leaders to work in public, private and nonprofit organizations.

Your passion and interests could take you down many paths but one thing is for certain, you want to make a difference. You have a sense that the problems of our communities and our world will require collaboration, creativity and often, bold solutions. You want to be prepared for those opportunities.

DePaul’s Master of Public Service Management (MPS) is designed for individuals looking for a broad-based management degree that can lead to careers across many sectors including nonprofit, governmental agencies, higher education and health care.

This degree is available on campus and online.

Nicholas Schilligo, School of Public Service Alum

Meet Nicholas

"My degree from SPS allowed me to stand out from the competition and demonstrate added value—advanced skills and expertise in nonprofit management, public policy analysis and strategy development."
Learn more about our Alumni Network and read Nicholas' full interview.

2016 MPS Graduate Placement

Program Length

  • DePaul SPS degree programs are tailored for the working professional with classes offered primarily in the evenings.
  • Programs are also designed to be completed in two years and one additional quarter assuming students take two classes per quarter. (Two classes per quarter is considered full-time status.)
  • 52 credit hours are required to complete the program.
  • Students can alternate between full and part-time status as needed to accommodate scheduling needs.
  • In 2016, the most recent year in which graduation rates were reported to NASPAA, for the cohort of students that began their MPS degree five years earlier, 39 percent graduated in 2 years, 59 percent graduated in 3 years and 70 percent graduated in 4 years.

All MPS students are encouraged to choose a concentration from the following:

While not required, concentrations are available for students in the MPS​ p​rogram with specialized interests and careers. There are four concentrations from which to choose:

  • Emergency Management
  • It is a critical concern for the public, private and non-profit sectors. Both the conceptual and practical implementation sides of homeland security and emergency preparedness rest at the intersection of national defense, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness. This concentration will provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge that will prepare them for private or public sector employment in the area of emergency preparedness for both security and non-security related incidents.

  • Health Care Administration
  • This concentration teaches students the managerial and analytical skills necessary to understand and influence the processes through which hospitals, associated health care organizations, and public and private agencies provide health care in the United States.

  • Higher Education Administration
  • For managers in post-secondary institutions of learning, this concentration teaches necessary analytical and administrative skills. The coursework helps students develop an understanding of management principles, policy analysis and research within higher education.

  • Metropolitan Planning and Urban Affairs​
  • This concentration provides students with a broad perspective on issues relating to land use, transportation, housing, economic development and related social problems. It instills an understanding of the institutional and analytical issues affecting units of government, planning agencies and other urban public service institutions.

Certificate Options

The MPS degree may also be expanded to include select graduate certificate programs. The combined programs require either the completion of additional coursework or careful elective selection to fulfill all requirements. Certificates are available in:

If you're interested in a certificate combination with MPS, a separate application process is required. Contact the program office for additional information.​


NASPAA Accreditation

Program Mission: The MS in Public Service Management degree educates ethical leaders to work in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Through our cross-sector approach to learning, research, and service we prepare leaders to connect domestic and global issues, alleviate poverty, and build responsive and responsible service organizations. We promote compassion for marginalized communities and service to all people with accountability, justice, professionalism, sensitivity, and transparency.

Degree Chair: Raphael Ogom, PhD

Faculty Committee:

Michael Diamond
Michael Frigo
Raphael Ogom
Joseph Schwieterman
Robert Stokes