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Online Degrees

The School of Public Service offers the following degrees online:

  • Master of Public Administration (standard concentration)
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Public Management
  • Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Metropolitan Planning and Urban Affairs
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of Science in Public Service Management (standard concentration)
  • Master of Science in Public Service Management with a concentration in Emergency Management
  • Master of Nonprofit Management
These online programs may require students to participate in scheduled synchronous courses on Zoom.

Admission Requirements
The online programs are cohort style and open for admission every fall quarter.

  • A completed online application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended
  • Two-page personal statement describing your educational and career goals, relevant work or volunteer experience, and any special circumstances affecting past or prospective academic performance. Please also explain your reasons for seeking the online option of the degree.
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae


The online programs in MPA and MPP are accredited by NASPAA.

Faculty present course material pairing a mix of asynchronous learning based on discussion forums (using the Desire2Learn course management system) with faculty-directed real-time synchronous learning with video and audio (using Zoom technology). Desire2Learn creates a learning environment through a central website rich with course materials, e-mail, discussion boards, online quizzes, an online grade book, workgroup space, and document sharing. An online student must have necessary technology to participate in an online environment such as, a web cam, microphone/headset, and reliable internet access. 

Online students participate fully in their graduate degree programs, taking the same courses from the same faculty as in class students. Students can substitute an online course with an on-site class taught on DePaul’s Loop campus. Online students are also encouraged to participate in the school’s rich study abroad program by taking a class in Belgium, India, Northern Ireland or Tanzania.

Online Degree Course Requirements

The online course requirements are the same as those for the corresponding on-site degrees. Online degrees cohorts begin only in the Autumn Quarter and have a suggested course sequence. Students can choose to study full time (2 courses per term) or part time (1 course per term). For more information about course requirements and enrollment please contact the Assistant Director for Academic Advising ( 

Online Services and Support

DePaul University Student ID
You will need a student ID to access services provided by DePaul University. These services include online access to DePaul's library resources as well as to physically check out books from our libraries or from our partner libraries (see I-Share network below). To obtain your DePaul student ID, follow the instructions on the DePaul ID information page.

This is the online portal you will use for all your administrative tasks during the SPS Online program. Upon enrolling in the SPS Online program you will receive information on how to obtain your CampusConnect user ID and password. These will enable you to enter CampusConnect where you will register for courses, file for graduation, and check your financial records including financial aid. Access CampusConnect.

DePaul University Libraries
Students enrolled in the SPS Online program can order books online either from DePaul University libraries or from libraries belonging to I-Share network which includes the resources of 71 Illinois libraries belonging to CARLI, the Consortium of Academic & Research Libraries in Illinois. Students have access to download and read articles in more than 16,000 online scholarly journals and electronic book databases. For more information about services for online students visit the DePaul University Library

Student Records
For information and assistance with the administrative processes related to your education such as ordering transcripts, understanding and making changes in your CampusConnect account, help with registration, the schedule of classes, and the Academic Calendar, please contact

Desire2Learn & Zoom
SPS Online uses Desire2Learn (D2L) as the Course Management System (CMS) to deliver its online courses. In addition, some courses use Zoom for required synchronous real-time interactions between the instructor and the students. You will be able to view the course on D2L once the faculty member makes it available at the beginning of the quarter. Visit the Teaching Commons site to begin setting up Zoom.

Financial Aid
DePaul’s Office of Financial Aid provides access to general financial program information and forms for online learners. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for any questions about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).