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International Public Service

International Public Service Graduate Program

Designed to educate students for positions in international leadership, project management and program analysis.

Seeing how the world is connected fuels your soul. You understand how things happening in one corner of the world are related to what is happening on the other side of the globe. You want solutions that promote ethical, positive change in the world while supporting humanitarian efforts to improve lives. You have a global perspective. It’s how you think. It’s what you want to do.

DePaul's Master of Science in International Public Service (IPS) is specifically designed for students interested in the field of international development and global humanitarian affairs. Students gain the skills and expertise to manage, lead and evaluate international projects or organizations. Students can deepen their experience through study abroad, internships and applied research opportunities.

Heather Spray, School of Public Service Student

Meet Heather

"What stood out to me about the School of Public Service was the emphasis on practical application as opposed to just theory. With the study abroad programs and my internship requirement, I knew I would gain the experience that would enable me to succeed in my professional career."
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2016 IPS Graduate Placement

Program Length

  • DePaul SPS degree programs are tailored for the working professional with classes offered primarily in the evenings.
  • Programs are also designed to be completed in two years and one additional quarter assuming students take two classes per quarter. (Two classes per quarter is considered full-time status.)
  • 52 credit hours are required to complete the program.
  • Students can alternate between full and part-time status as needed to accommodate scheduling needs.
  • In 2016, the most recent year in which graduation rates were reported to NASPAA, for the cohort of students that began their IPS degree five years earlier, 18 percent graduated in 2 years, 52 percent graduated in 3 years and 67 percent graduated in 4 years.

Real-world Experience

At DePaul, we believe that leaders need practical skills and first-hand experiences in solving global problems. The IPS program requires students to gain experiential and professional experiences through:

Foreign Language Proficiency Recommendation

Students entering the International Public Service (IPS) degree in Fall 2015 and beyond are not required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a graduation requirement. However, please note that a second language is critical to helping your resume stand out and for constructing an effective career in IPS. Therefore all IPS students are strongly encouraged to build and demonstrate their proficiency in at least one other language appropriate to the applicant’s field or geographical interests. ​​


NASPAA Accreditation

Program Mission: The Master of Science in International Public Service (IPS) degree educates ethical leaders to work in international organizations in the US and abroad and emphasizes understanding cross sector relations. We believe that leaders need practical skills and first-hand experiences in solving global problems. We are committed to strengthening local communities and reducing disparities throughout the world, by building capacity through sustainable development. We promote compassion for marginalized communities and service to all people with sensitivity, professionalism, accountability, transparency and justice.

Degree Chair: Ramya Ramanath, PhD

Faculty Committee:

Michael Diamond
Nicholas Kachiroubas
Molly O'Donnell
Raphael Ogom
Ramya Ramanath
Robert Stokes