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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements 

Students are required to complete a total of 13 courses (52 credit hours): eleven core courses (44 credit hours), two elective courses (8 credit hours).

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Thesis Option

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above may choose the thesis option and replace MPS 593 with MPS 598 THESIS .​

Study Abroad Requirement 

Students are required to take at least ONE course abroad. These one-two week study abroad trips allow both full-time and part-time students to participate.

International Work/Internship Requirement 

Students must complete substantial professional experience in an international or intercultural setting. Students with such experience may request a waiver by submitting a letter describing the extent of their work in international or cross-cultural countries and organizations. In this case, students choose an alternative four-credit hour course with the director's approval. Students without such experience enroll in MPS 610 while completing an internship with an appropriate organization.​

Foreign Language Proficiency 

Students are not  required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a graduation requirement. However, please note that a second language is critical to helping a resume stand out and for constructing an effective career in international public service. Therefore all students are strongly encouraged to build and demonstrate proficiency in at least one other language appropriate to their field or geographical interests.


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