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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program

​​​​DePaul Undergraduate Degree/Sustainable Urban Development (MA)

Students completing any undegraduate degree at DePaul are eligible to apply for the Bachelors/Masters in Sustainable Urban Development in their Junior year if they meet the following criteria:

They have achieved Junior status;

They have completed at least 88.0 credit hours of their undergraduate degree;

They have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

If accepted to the Bacherlors/Masters Degree in Sustainable Urban Development, in their senior year, the student will take the following courses:

These three courses will serve as electives in an undergraduate program, unless a student's adviser makes an exception and allows them to apply to a declared major or minor.

The combined degree program allows three graduate-level courses (12.0 credit hours) to count towards both the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree.  The student will be awarded their Bachelor's degree upon the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements. The Master's dgree will be awarded upon completion of the graduate degree requirements. 

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