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Reading Room & Resources


The Reading Room



The Center for Black Diaspora is thrilled to announce the renovation of its Reading Room, a jewel not just of the Center, but of DePaul University. This non-lending collection holds approximately 2500 books and 450 films related to the African diaspora.

Subject matter includes art, culture, history, social studies, photography, women’s studies, politics, religion, philosophy, and much more. This collection is the product of over twenty years of careful thought and acquisition. Many of these resources are rare, and most are not held in DePaul’s libraries.

In addition to holding such a wonderful collection of resources, the Reading Room has undergone a major physical overhaul. It will feature a new conference table and chairs, sofa, and a larger, wall-mounted flat screen television with internet connectivity. Fresh paint and the removal of several pieces of furniture make the room much more bright and comfortable. Most importantly, the room will have a book security system. This will prevent serious losses that the collection has unfortunately sustained over the years, and will allow visitors to bring in their bags rather than leave them at the front desk. The Center is also in the process of getting the books and films re-catalogued, and in creating an online, searchable database of its holdings.

We warmly invite you to visit the Reading Room and make use of its resources, and we appreciate your patience as we complete the renovations.  The room is available for presentations, classes, meetings, colloquia, studying, etc.  We also welcome you to come in for a cup of coffee or tea, watch a film, play a game of mancala or chess, check your email, or take a quick nap between classes.  Finally, we invite DePaul and local artists to display their work at the Center, and are particularly interested in showcasing the work of student artists.

The Reading Room is open from 10:00am-5:00pm, Mondays through Fridays.
Extended hours may be arranged by request. To reserve the space, please contact the Center staff.​​