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Featured Scholarships

2016 DePaul alumni wins Boren Fellowship
Shaza Loutfi, a 2015 graduate of DePaul (Political Science) and UIC graduate student, won a 2016 Boren Fellowship to Turkey.

Featured scholarships are national scholarships that require review and/or endorsement by DePaul University. They are some of the most well-known and prestigious scholarship programs and include:  Boren, Carnegie, Fulbright, Marshall/ Mitchell, Rhodes, and Truman. Obtaining one of these scholarships can be a life changing opportunity.

To apply for these scholarships you typically have to be screened and nominated by DePaul . The nomination process involves a review of your application by a campus committee comprised of several DePaul professors.   A nomination also usually requires an interview with the campus committee.  After the interview, you generally have 1-2 weeks to revise your application before it is forwarded to the particular scholarship program's national selection committee, which is a group of professors selected from various universities across the country.

To allow time for review by the campus committee, most featured scholarships have two deadlines.  A campus deadline typically falls about six weeks prior to the national deadline.  During the interim period between the campus and national deadline, you should expect to spend a significant amount of time revising your application.​