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DePaul Scholarship Adviser

Phillip Stalley, DePaul scholarship adviser, with students in the Forbidden City
DePaul scholarship adviser, Phillip Stalley, with students on a study abroad trip in Beijing, China.

Dr. Phillip Stalley, an associate professor in the Political Science department, is officially the "Fulbright Program Adviser" at DePaul University.  However, he also acts as the campus representative and adviser for all featured scholarships such as Boren and Truman.  He can also assist you with other external scholarships, including national scholarships.

His job is to help students select the right scholarship program, better understand and prepare for the application process, and improve application materials. As the DePaul campus representative for Featured scholarships, Dr. Stalley also acts as the intermediary between DePaul applicants and the scholarship programs.  This means that all application materials must be submitted through him by a campus deadline.

If you intend to apply to these competitive scholarships, it is important that you work closely with Dr. Stalley well in advance of the campus deadline. Feel free to contact Dr. Stalley for any inquiries about external scholarships.

Phone: 773-325-4179
Office: 990 W Fullerton, Suite #2206
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