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National Scholarships

DePaul alumnus and 2016 Fulbright Winner Hannah Eboh
Hannah Eboh won a Fulbright to the Commonwealth of Dominica in 2016. Hannah graduated from DePaul in 2015 (Geography) and is a graduate student at NIU.

National scholarships are external awards granted for undergraduate, post-graduate, or graduate study.

They can pay for a variety of experiences including but not limited to: studying overseas, completing a research project, or engaging in domestic advocacy work. Generally these scholarships do not cover DePaul tuition, so if you are looking for tuition-based scholarships visit the internal DePaul Scholarships link.

Other external awards that pay for specialized experiences are featured scholarships, which fall under the category of national scholarships, but are different in that they require application through DePaul. These include prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright, Boren, Truman, Marshall, and Rhodes. If you are interested in applying to any of the featured scholarships, contact the DePaul Scholarship Adviser.​