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Getting Started

If you are seeking a DePaul internal scholarship then view the DePaul Scholarships page or the LAS Scholarships pagewhere you will find information about internal awards. However, if you are interested in national or featured scholarships, this page will help you take your first steps towards obtaining one of these prestigious awards. 

You should start by looking for scholarship and research opportunities that match your interests and ambitions.  Under National Scholarships, you will find a list of external scholarship opportunities that are organized by year (freshman/sophomore, junior, graduating senior/graduate student). Under Featured Scholarships you will find a list of external scholarship opportunities by scholarship name. These lists are by no means exhaustive and you should do your own research as well.  They are simply there to introduce you to some of the most prestigious scholarships and to give you a sense of the range of options. 

An additional place to search for opportunities is the ProFellow blog.  For the latest information about upcoming deadlines, new programs, and DePaul winners, check out the DePaul Scholarships Facebook page.  If you have any questions about any of these programs or resources, contact the DePaul Scholarship Adviser.

Please be aware that many of the featured scholarships (e.g. Fulbright, Boren, Carnegie, Truman) have two deadlines. There is often a campus deadline that comes 4-6 weeks before the scholarship program's national deadline.  The reason for this earlier campus deadline is that these scholarship applications typically have to be reviewed by DePaul before being forwarded to the particular program's selection committee.  If you miss the campus deadline, you may not be eligible to submit an application.

After you review scholarship opportunities, you should visit the advice section for applicants.  There you will find suggestions broken down by year.  Running throughout the advice section are some common themes: 

  1. Start early - Take charge of your undergraduate career right from the first quarter by choosing classes and extra-curricular activities intentionally, developing your interests, and building faculty relationships.
  2. Revise, Revise, Revise - Almost all scholarship applications require you to write an essay, and if you want to submit a competitive application you should work closely with the scholarship program's campus representative, your professors, and the Writing Center to create the best possible essay.
  3. Forge relationships with faculty - You will not only need information and assistance, but detailed letters of recommendation from people who know you well both personally and intellectually.

Applying to DePaul Scholarships

To apply for DePaul scholarships you must complete the following steps:
(see specific scholarship pages for application instructions for national and features scholarships)

  1. If you have not done so already for the current academic year, complete the FAFSA Application for Federal Student Aid) and have the results sent to DePaul University. This is only required for need-based scholarships. Please note that students are not required to accept financial aid packages in order to be considered for need-based scholarships. They need only fill out and submit the application. Any federal financial aid accepted on behalf of the student through the FAFSA process is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Complete the General Application on the DePaul Online Scholarship Application website.
    1. Log into the DePaul Online Scholarship Application using your Campus Connect ID and password.
    2. Complete and submit the General Application.
      1. Once your application has been completed and submitted successfully, it will be marked with a green checkmark.
      2. If it is gray, the application was not submitted successfully; try again.
  3. After submitting the General Application, you will automatically route to opportunities for which you qualify and more information is needed. If you are recommended for additional scholarships, you will be able to view a list of opportunities. Apply for them by clicking on the blue “Apply” button beside each scholarship. Additional questions or information may be required to complete the application process.

If awarded a scholarship, you will be notified via email and you will see a notification on the “applications” tab of the scholarship application site under “active.” You must accept the award within the DePaul Online Scholarship Application in order to receive the money. You will also receive communication from financial aid stating that your financial aid award letter has been updated. If you are not selected for a scholarship, you will see a notification on the “home” tab of the website indicating your application was reviewed and not selected. Individual emails are not sent for those not selected.

Recipients will receive their awards in the following quarter. For example, if a student applies for a scholarship in the winter quarter and is awarded money, the money will post to the student’s spring quarter tuition bill. All awards are funneled through financial aid and student accounts.

Want to learn more? View currently offered LAS Scholarships and see the other sections devoted to DePaul Scholarships, National Scholarships and Featured Scholarships.